Production in Hygienic Conditions, Particle Free Properties and Flexibility

Our high and new technology production line starts from 25 gr / m2 and produces up to 320 cm in width in the range of 150 gr / m2. In our production line, we obtain products by using raw materials of different types of natural and synthetic fibers. Our first priority in this product is to produce under the most hygienic conditions. Particle-free feature, liquid repellency, liquid absorbency, softness, hardness, flexibility, color and combinations in different widths can be made to meet customer needs. Among our patterns, there are 4 groups as plain pattern, honeycomb pattern, perforated pattern and printed.

Size: 320cm
Weight: 25 gr/m² – 150 gr /m²

Medical It is used in the production of band-aids, gauze, bandages, aprons, wiping cloths.
Cleaning and Wiping Cloth It is used for cleaning and wiping cloth with various surface and absorbent properties.
Industrial Cloths It is used for industrial cloth purposes in different sectors. We can make products with high absorbency, different softness and hardness.
Cosmetic It is used as a hair drying towel, waxing cloth, make-up wipe, thanks to its high absorbency feature and non-pilling. It is hygienic because it is disposable.
Hygiene Spunlace, which can be used in the production of wet wipes with the desired softness, absorbency and quality standards, provides the softest and most sensitive touch during contact with the face in make-up removal wipes, while it can be produced in different structures and touches with its non-staining feature in industrial cleaning.