Human Resources

As Nonwotech, our goal is to recruit candidates who can adapt to the corporate culture and common values, have the qualifications and competencies required by the position they will work, and who are open to development and change.

For this purpose, we aim to employ candidates who have the training, knowledge and competencies required by the position within our organization.

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In our KİSBU Human Resources Management process, we organized video, book suggestions and article articles that you can access online for our training needs under the roof of

“İşimiz Hobimiz”.



Kisbu, works with the discipline of accuracy, transparency and high business ethics in all its activities.

Our company is aware of its responsibilities to its customers, employees, business partners and suppliers, competitors, the environment, society and humanity. It does not act in any way that could damage mutual trust.

It is our greatest goal to be a reliable solution partner that develops long-term cooperation with all our stakeholders.


Kisbu, aims to create a corporate structure that supports innovation for a sustainable competitive advantage and to support this structure continuously.

n this context, we consider our corporate strategy, leadership approach, employees, organization and processes as the five basic components of sustainable innovation, and we take firm steps forward with our strategy open to continuous learning and improvement.


Kisbu, has carefully determined the areas that will contribute to the common good of the society it is in, since the first day it was founded.

Kisbu, which primarily focuses on education, continues its support programs in a versatile way..