Environment and Sustainability


We aim to integrate the basic principles of the life cycle and environmentally accepted approaches to our business world. Our commitment is to continuously maintain and improve our environmental performance, use environmentally friendly products in compliance with national and international regulations and make sustainable contributions to society in order to make the most of recycling. In all our activities, we take on important tasks in our business world to protect global resources, minimize pollution and waste levels, leave a livable clean environment, contribute to sustainability by always protecting our environmental standards, with a perspective that does not endanger the lives and resources of future generations..

Adopting Integrated Environment and Sustainability management system approaches,
Determining and developing environmental strategies,
Determination of environmental risks and analysis,
Determining performance criteria and targets,
Follow-up of applications.


To continuously improve and improve sustainability practices by reviewing all stages of our activities.
In order to minimize the environmental and social risks that may arise from our activities, prioritizing sustainability policies in project, facility and process design, choosing and continuously developing environmentally friendly production technologies,
To implement Management Systems effectively and to systematically conduct environmental analyzes within this scope,
Minimizing waste generation and contributing to recycling by reducing pollution at the source with sustainable waste management.
To create and develop environmental awareness in all our employees.
To work towards the protection of natural resources and ecological species with a sustainability approach,
To reduce emissions from production and services,
To share the Sustainable Environmental Policy practices transparently.